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Going off-road? For vehicles registered between 1st March and 31st March Which documents do I need to renew my tax?

Car Tax Explained - Which?

How do I tax my new car? Do I still need a tax disc for my car?

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No — tax discs were phased out in October Can I still renew my vehicle tax at the Post Office? Can I still pay tax at the Post Office?

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  • My vehicle has been off the road. Can I still tax it at the Post Office? How can I get in touch? International Driving Permit. Protect what matters most and choose from our comprehensive range of car insurance products. Car insurance.

    DVLA car tax checker - How to check how much car tax you will need to pay from April 1st

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      How do I return goods? When will my order be delivered? Can I check the status of my order? However, this additional cost will usually be included within the 'on-the-road' price of the car so many buyers may not even notice it. The logic behind this is that buyers of more expensive cars are more able to afford higher tax. Vehicle Excise Duty rules are intended to favour buyers of less polluting cars.


      The latest structure gives buyers the biggest incentive yet to buy zero-emissions cars by making them the only ones that can possibly qualify for full VED exemption. Tax-exempt status returns, though, after six years of ownership have elapsed. This charge should be stated clearly when you buy and again, usually forms part of the OTR cost of a new car. While buyers of less polluting new cars arguably pay more under the current system, buyers of higher-polluting secondhand cars fare rather better. The table below shows the exact VED rates for cars registered between 1 March and 31 March Check our list of the 10 best used cars that'll save you money if they were registered before 1 April If your present car was registered before 1 March , it falls into one of two bands based on engine size, making it easy to work out your annual bill.

      If you have a car you want to keep in storage and not drive, you can cancel its road tax by making a SORN Statutory Off-Road Notification , which is valid for 12 months. With tax already in place, this made it simple for a buyer to simply arrange insurance over the phone to drive away legally in their new car. It's now possible to pay your road tax with a monthly Direct Debit, while the annual and six-monthly payment options continue. Loans Savings Credit Cards. In the Autumn budget the Chancellor announced an increase in the first year VED rate for new diesel cars first registered after 1 April The emissions test that Euro 6 diesel cars have to pass before they're approved for sale includes a more demanding, on-road 'Real Driving Emissions RDE ' test from September This test is set to become even more stringent from January when ' RDE step 2 ' comes into force.

      Check car tax - How much will your road tax cost this year after price rise?

      To encourage car manufacturers to introduce cleaner, RDE2 diesels earlier, the CO2-based first year VED rate for diesel cars first registered after 1 April will be one band higher than shown in the table unless the car was approved to the RDE step 2 standard. A different first year rate, payable at first registration only and sometimes called the 'showroom tax', was introduced in So, if the engine is:. Cars started being taxed in as local councils had to start registering all vehicles.

      Tax discs were later introduced in This new tax was initially used for building and maintaining roads.