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You can publish those with a simple personal website, hosted in your FastMail storage, as well. But the most unique thing about FastMail is that you can customize storage options for different users. For example, if most of your employees will never need more than the 25GB storage offered through FastMail's Standard plan—but you have a designer who needs much more storage—you can pay extra to increase the storage for only the designer. That means you don't have to pay for a higher-tier plan based on the unique needs of just a few employees.

Greatmail offers basic email hosting and custom domain addresses with two plan options. Greatmail's Groupware plan offers a bit more, including shared calendars, shared contacts, and 25GB storage per mailbox. It's a very basic offering, but that makes it perfect if basic is all you need. Plus, its lack of add-on features makes it one of the least expensive email hosting providers on this list. From the earliest days of email, if you wanted email, you had to host an email server. Until the mids, that was still nearly the only way to get email on your company's own domain.

Even today, there is still a wide range of great tools to host your own email, many of which are free. That's one of the best things about email: it's a service you can run on your own that works with every other email service automatically. Whether you're using G Suite, have Microsoft Exchange in a private VPS, or run your Postfix on your own server, you can email anyone else and know they'll receive your message, regardless of what email service they're using.

But self-hosting your email isn't easy. As Digital Ocean software engineer Mitchell Anicas cautions, "setting up and maintaining your own mail server is complicated and time-consuming [and] most people will get more value, in the form of saved time, out of using a paid mail service. Linux and macOS come with Postfix , the core terminal tools you need to run an email server. Both are a Mail Transfer Agent that can send and receive emails for you—and you could set them up for basic email features.

You'll get the most customized email experience with your own data center's security—at the expense of software licenses and maintenance time. For most small businesses, hosted email makes the most sense, while self-hosted email might make the most sense in companies with in-house servers and a dedicated IT team. Take a look at our comparison table below for a quick look at the key features available from these business hosting services. Scroll to the right for more.

Note: Maximum number of accounts may not be a true limitation.

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In some cases, you need to upgrade to a higher-tier plan to add more users than the maximum. In other cases, you may get a discount if you have more than the stated maximum. Check with each provider for more information. When managing email for an entire team or company, email isn't quite the simple service you're used to as an individual: The tools you use for your business require a bit more thought and care.

But it can still be a set-it-and-forget-it service. With today's cloud email services, you'll only need a few hours to add your domain to your email service, set up new accounts for your team, and import their old data. Your service will take care of the rest, making sure your team has their emails, contacts, and calendar appointments whenever they need them.

Ready to set up hosted email for your team? Here's our guide to set up G Suite for your domain , and how to import your team's old data to the new G Suite account. Need to send bulk emails? Check out our guide to transactional email for drip and automated messages, and our recommendations for the best email marketing apps for your marketing emails.

Originally published in May , this post has been updated by Jessica Greene with each email hosting provider's latest features and pricing, plus great new providers like Intermedia, IceWarp, and Greatmail. Matthew Guay is a senior editor and writer on the Zapier team in Bangkok. When he's not writing, he's likely reading a new book or exploring random streets in a new city.

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Follow Matthew at maguay. Comments powered by Disqus. Zapier is the easiest way to automate powerful workflows with more than 1, apps. Email me about new features. By signing up, you agree to Zapier's Terms of Service. You have three main options: Shared Web and Email Hosting: Most web hosting providers also offer email hosting.

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What Features to Look for in an Email Hosting Service When you combine your email and web hosting, there's not a lot to look for as far as features go; you get whatever features your web host happens to offer. So rather than looking at every possible feature of email hosting providers, we looked at the features that apply to most business types: Custom Domains: All of the email hosts featured below let you create email accounts using your company's website domain address. The 8 Best Hosted Email Services Office for companies that use multiple Microsoft apps G Suite for simplicity and keeping everything on the cloud Zoho Workplace for email hosting and collaboration tools on a tight budget Rackspace for companies that only need email hosting Intermedia Exchange Email for companies that need help migrating to a new email host IceWarp for agencies that need to create email accounts for their clients FastMail for customizable storage options to manage costs Greatmail for low-cost email hosting with minimal features Office Best email hosting service for companies that use multiple Microsoft apps.

This article shows you how to connect your domain name with Gmail through your current web hosting plan via email forwarding and aliases. You can configure any number of webmail clients and mobile apps to access your inbox and send messages to find just the interface you want, all while keeping your monthly bills to a minimum. Whether your contacts are professional or personal, emailing from a custom domain name shows a level of sophistication and attention to detail that builds confidence and trust. Here are some other features to look out for:. The free email products listed in the section above are typically either supported by ads, restrict the number of accounts, limit how much storage, and hamper the speed and security with which your communications are delivered.

The email associated with web hosting plans give you unlimited room to grow in many regards.

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Well, perhaps our web-and-email hosting double dipping is getting out of hand. However, partnering with platforms that specialize in just email hosting and delivery can be an important tool for medium and larger businesses that require large numbers of inboxes, top-notch reliability, and tons of storage.

Even better, many of these premium products boast extra features for productivity and collaboration, from analytics and automation to marketing templates and social media integrations. Take a look at the paid services you should consider:. To be fair, this list is by no means comprehensive — but it provides a solid cross section of our favorite options for businesses of all shapes and sizes. No matter which option you select, be sure to prioritize customer support teams that can quickly respond to any problems you may encounter. Need to take a step back and figure out how to send messages from your own domain name?

Setting up a business email address can seem a bit daunting, but there are plenty of resources available to help you along the way. The best domain hosts include one for free when you sign up for at least a year of service. To fully protect an email message, it must be encrypted throughout its entire journey. That also means the recipient needs to use the same encryption system, which can be difficult to configure and tough to manage. These companies excel at handling the challenging technology while presenting simplified mail clients and mobile apps. Regardless of the level of security you choose to implement on your online communications, you can boost your protection with two-factor authentication, strong password management, and keeping an eye out for phishing campaigns and suspicious attachments.

Despite the growing popularity of chat and video conferencing, email is still among the most popular electronic communication methods around. According to a study from technology market research firm Radicati Group, business emails account for nearly billion messages sent and received each day, with people individually interacting with roughly emails on average — and those numbers are only expected to grow.

Go to InMotion. With a ten-year service record under its belt, TMDhosting has been a reliable partner for many website owners over the years. It has multiple data centre locations clustered around the US plus one in the Netherlands. Go to TMD Hosting. InterServer is based in New Jersey and has been around for more two decades now — an incredibly long lifespan for a web host. First introduced as a virtual hosting account re-seller it today covers almost the entire scope of the web hosting service spectrum. Go to Interserver.

We consider A2 Hosting as one of the top web hosts around and it has a good spread of data centre locations around the world — in Amsterdam, Singapore, Arizona and, of course, Michigan. It offers extremely powerful feature sets and combines that with a great customer experience at reasonable price points.

Go to A2 Hosting. Now that you have a list of best email hosting providers, it's time to check out the setup process. There are two main types of control panel which hosting service providers mainly offer: cPanel, which is Linux-based and Plesk, which is Windows-based. Each of these have their own advantages and disadvantages, but do not really affect your email hosting. Each email address must be unique. You will not need to change anything here. I recommend that you follow strong password creation policies.

This normally means a password should include a combination of upper and lowercase characters combined with digital and special characters.

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It would be better for each account to have a unique password rather than recycling the same one over and again. Make sure you take note of it! How much space you allocate will depend on how many accounts you need to set up and the space that is available. Remember that emails today often come with large attachments and running out of space may result in problems receiving new mails.

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Remember that this email gets sent to the account you are creating, so you will still need to provide the email address and password to the user directly via other means. The welcome mail can be helpful as part of the onboarding process for new colleagues. Plesk is the Windows-based version of a web control panel and is just as simple as cPanel to use, if not more so. This name needs to be unique as the email system does not allow duplicate names on the same domain.

If you have only a single domain name, you will not need to change this. If you have more than one, then clicking it will show a list of domains you can choose from.

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Remember to take note of it.