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After making such determination, the magistrate shall, in an appropriate manner consistent with Texas Code of Criminal Procedure Articles Admonish the accused of:. The right to retain counsel;. The right to remain silent;.

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The right to have an attorney present during any interview with peace officers or attorneys representing the state;. The right to terminate an interview at any time;. The right to an examining trial.

Inform the accused of the right to appointed counsel if the person cannot afford counsel and the procedures for requesting appointment of counsel. Inquire as to whether accused is requesting that counsel be appointed.

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If the magistrate has reason to believe the accused is not mentally competent, the magistrate shall enter a request for counsel on behalf of the accused. Such a request will alert the appointing authority that counsel competent to represent mentally ill persons should be appointed. If probable cause has not been determined by a magistrate:. If requested by the state, the magistrate may postpone the release of the defendant for not more than 72 hours after the defendant's arrest, in compliance with the procedure set forth in Article The magistrate shall set the amount of bail and any conditions of bond for the accused, if bail is allowed by law and has not been set by the court or magistrate issuing a warrant.

Whether the accused requested appointment of counsel. If it is determined that the defendant falls below the guideline established by the Criminal Court judges, Pretrial services will query the computer for the selection of an appointed attorney see Section III, A. If the magistrate is not authorized to appoint counsel, the magistrate shall without unnecessary delay, but not later than 24 hours after the person arrested requests appointment of counsel, transmit or cause to be transmitted to the court or to the court's designee authorized under Article If a request for counsel was made at magistration, the appointing authority shall forward the magistrate form and any other forms requesting appointment of counsel to the appropriate clerk to be put into the case file.

If a request for counsel was not made at magistration, the magistrate will forward the magistrate form to the clerk to be put into the case file. Defendants who did not request an attorney at magistration but request one at arraignment may be sent to the Pretrial Services Satellite Office for interview and attorney appointment.

As an alternative, the Judge may make the attorney appointment in court under "interest of justice" criteria. If the appointment is made by the Judge in the interest of Justice, the rationale for the appointment must be placed on the record. The magistrate will record the response, and if counsel is requested, the magistrate will provide the arrestee with the appropriate forms for requesting counsel. The magistrate will ensure the person is provided reasonable assistance in completing the necessary forms for requesting counsel in the county issuing the warrant.

Indigence Determination Standards. Definitions , as used in this rule:. Eligibility for Appointment. An accused is presumed indigent if any of the following conditions or factors are present:. The accused is currently serving a sentence in a correctional institution, is currently residing in a public mental health facility, or is subject to a proceeding in which admission or commitment to such a mental health facility is sought.

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In considering if obtaining private counsel will create a substantial hardship, the appointing authority shall take into account:. The resources available to friends or relatives of the accused may not be considered in determining whether the accused is indigent. Only the accused's financial circumstances as measured by the financial standards stated in this rule shall be used as the basis for determining indigence. Indigence Proceedings:.

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Information gathered for determining indigence, both in the affidavit of indigence and through oral examination, may not be for any purpose other than:. Determining if accused is or is not indigent; or. Tex Code of Crim Proc The presumption can be rebutted in the review proceedings based on the following:. If an accused previously determined to be indigent is subsequently determined not to be indigent, the attorney shall be compensated by the county according to the fee schedule for hours reasonably expended on the case. Tex Code Crim Proc Minimum Attorney Qualifications.


The computer, using a rotational process, will select the appropriate attorney from the database. In making the selection, the computer will use several different preset filters. Once the application process is complete, the Administrative offices for both the District and County Criminal Courts will enter the attorney information into the computer.

Misdemeanor Qualification Requirements:. All attorneys on the appointment list must ensure all information on their application is correct;.

An attorney must be a licensed practicing attorney and a member in good standing of the State Bar of Texas;. An attorney shall submit by October 15 th each year a statement that describes the percentage of the attorney's practice time that was dedicated to work based on appointments accepted in this county for adult criminal cases and juvenile delinquency cases for the prior 12 months that begins on October 1 and ends on September The report must be submitted through the online form to the Texas Indigent Defense Commission.

In addition to the requirements to receive court appointments set out above, attorneys applying for misdemeanor appointments must maintain a minimum of six 6 hours of CLE in Criminal Law and an additional CLE course or component in Immigration law as set forth above annually. All attorneys on the appointment list must submit proof of these hours on an annual basis to County Court Administration by January 15th each year. The following provisions are also included in the rules to add flexibility so the attorneys may meet the requirements without causing undue burden:. All of the required criminal law hours in this 6 hour requirement may be earned through any method authorized by the State Bar, including self-study; and.

An attorney must maintain an office capable of receiving email, fax, and telephone calls, with fax and email available 24 hours per day;. An attorney shall notify the court administration office promptly, in writing, of any matter that would disqualify the attorney by law, regulation, rule or under these guidelines from receiving appointments to represent indigent defendants. If an attorney is arrested at any time while on the Misdemeanor appointment wheel, the attorney must report the arrest to County Court Administration by the end of the first business day after arrest.

It is in the discretion of the County Court at Law Judges hearing criminal law cases to deny an applicant to serve on the Misdemeanor appointment wheel for any good cause. Violators may be subject to civil and criminal litigation and penalties. All searches are subject to our terms and applicable laws. SafeCart is the retailer of products on this site.

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As required by the DPPA, we will retain a record of your request, including your name and selected permitted purpose s. Date, time, and place of the arrest. Criminal charge associated with the arrest. Legal actions following the arrest. Those seeking information on arrests should send payment and written requests to: Texas Crime Records Service P. Breaking News. Sexual assault suspect killed during arrest pulled rifle. Missing man found dead in Northwest Side home. Affidavit: Man posing as Bexar County firefighter.

Data from the San Antonio Police Department show the 30 most common criminal offenses for which individuals were arrested in Caption Close. Image 1 of

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