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People who qualify will have their bankruptcy case prepared by the organization and have the case filed. The document preparation is overseeing by a an attorney. Eligibility: There are specific income elgibility requirements.

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You must call the organization and provide them with your information to determine if you qualify for free bankruptcy case filing. In addition you must be either a citizen or a U. If you reside outside of the service area that the organization services then you cannot receive services from the organization. Waiting list: There is a waiting list for the services and the waiting period will vary depending on how many requests they have received prior to you being put on the list.

Please contact the organization for further details on waiting times. Application: If you wish to apply for the services please contact the organization. They will provide you the specific details on what information you need to provide to apply for the services and to determine elgibility. Please be aware that most organizations will not handle complex Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases that involve assets.

Most legal aid societies will only handle simple Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases. Tustin Ave E. The bankruptcy clinics are held monthly. At the bankruptcy clinics an attorney will walk you step by step on completing your bankruptcy paperwork. After the bankruptcy clinic you will complete the paperwork at home and come back for a follow up appointment where an attorney will review the paperwork.

Because of massive budget shortfalls, Gov. Jerry Brown and the state legislature made changes to vehicle tax money and redevelopment agencies that stripped locales of hundreds of millions in state funding. San Bernardino said it will continue to provide services during the bankruptcy phase. Rhode Island city asks retirees to cut their pensions. But "reductions may occur" in the future. In a prior statement Travis-Miller hinted the city may continue to "negotiate in good faith with its creditors.

Experts say this filing should not be lumped in with the other two California municipal bankruptcies since it was an unusual circumstance. Video: Declaring bankruptcy in Harrisburg. Western, central, and parts of eastern San Bernardino are home to mixed-ethnic working class populations, of which the Latino and African-American populations comprise the vast majority of the city. The heart of the Mexican-American community is on the West and Southside of San Bernardino, but is slowly expanding throughout the entire city.

Government, retail, and service industries dominate the economy of the city of San Bernardino. Government was both the largest and the fastest-growing employment sector, reaching close to 20, jobs in Other significant sectors were retail 16, jobs and education 13, jobs.

The city's location close to the Cajon and San Gorgonio passes, and at the junctions of the I , I, and SR freeways, positions it as an intermodal logistics hub. Over the last few decades, the city's riverfront district along Hospitality Lane has drawn much of the regional economic development away from the historic downtown of the city so that the area now hosts a full complement of office buildings, big-box retailers, restaurants, and hotels situated around the Santa Ana River.

The closing of Norton Air Force Base in resulted in the loss of 10, military and civilian jobs and sent San Bernardino's economy into a downturn that has been somewhat offset by more recent growth in the intermodal shipping industry.

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The jobless rate in the region rose to more than 12 percent during the years immediately after the base closing. Reference no longer valid. According to the city's Comprehensive Annual Financial Report, [44] the top employers in the city are:. The Robert V. Fullerton Museum of Art, located on the campus of California State University, San Bernardino , contains a collection of Egyptian antiquities, ancient pottery from present-day Italy, and funerary art from ancient China. In addition to the extensive antiquities on display, the museum presents contemporary art and changing exhibitions.

A Route 66 museum is located on the historic site of the original McDonald's restaurant. San Bernardino is home to the historic Arrowhead Springs Hotel and Spa, located in the Arrowhead Springs neighborhood, which encompasses 1, acres 7.

The resort contains hot springs, in addition to mineral baths and steam caves located deep underground. Long the headquarters for Campus Crusade for Christ, the site now remains largely vacant and unused since their operations moved to Florida.

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San Bernardino has received many informal nicknames in its history. Of these, San Berdoo , S. Route San Bernardino offers several parks and other recreation facilities. Other notable parks include: the Glen Helen Regional Park , operated by the County of San Bernardino, is located in the northernmost part of the city. Blair Park is another midsized park near the University District , it is home to a well known skate park and various hiking trails on Shandin Hills, also known as Little Mountain. The city of San Bernardino is a charter city , a form of government under California that allows limited home-rule, in that it can pass its own laws not in conflict with state law, such as when state law is silent, or expressly allows municipal regulations of areas of local concern.

San Bernardino became a charter city in , the most current charter was passed in The city of San Bernardino has a full-time, elected mayor, a city manager , an elected City Attorney, City Clerk , and City Treasurer, and seven council positions elected in a ward system. The charter also created the San Bernardino City Unified School District , a legally separate agency, and the Board of Water Commissioners, a semi-autonomous, but legally indistinct commission, and a Board of Library Trustees.

The City Manager is responsible for all department heads, except for the fire and police chiefs.

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  5. When the city originally adopted a ward system, there were five wards. In the s, the Council was expanded to seven wards. The boundaries are adjusted with each federal census. The current council is: [3]. As per California law, all city positions are nonpartisan. Bob Holcomb — was the longest-serving mayor of San Bernardino to date, holding the office from until and again from to San Bernardino's legal community has two centers: downtown and Hospitality Lane.

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    Criminal, family, and government lawyers are centered downtown, while local civil firms and outposts of state and national firms, corporate, and insurance defense firms, are located along Hospitality Lane. On July 10, , the City Council of San Bernardino decided to seek protection under Chapter 9, Title 11, United States Code , making it the third California municipality to do so in less than two weeks after Stockton and the town of Mammoth Lakes , and the second-largest ever. According to state law, the city would normally have to negotiate with creditors first, but, because they declared a fiscal emergency in June, that requirement did not apply.

    As a charter city , San Bernardino may make and enforce its own laws as long as they are not in conflict with the laws of the State of California. These rules have been codified as the San Bernardino Municipal Code. Violations of the code, punishable as a misdemeanor or infraction or both are prosecuted by the City Attorney's Office in the San Bernardino County Superior Court. The city also has two administrative processes for violations of the code, as well as other adopted codes, like the California Building Code and the California Fire Code.

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    One process is an administrative citation system, similar to a parking ticket , with a pay or contest procedure. The other is an administrative hearing process, generally used by the Code Enforcement Department for prosecuting multiple code violations. The plan, which the city council approved to support, is the culmination of a year of research, community participation, and planning led by the city's EDA and the urban planning firm EDAW which has worked on master planning across the globe for downtown areas that include Milan, Italy; London, England; New York, New York; and Denver, Colorado, to name a few.

    A driving force in the initial phase of the revitalization efforts is the development of an arts and culture district in the heart of Downtown San Bernardino. California-based Maya Cinemas, which is adjacent to California Theatre, is in the process of renovating the former CinemaStar movie theatre.

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    These two entertainment facilities are the foundation of what will become a vibrant center for the arts and culture. San Bernardino shares certain powers with other agencies to form legally separate entities known as joint-power authorities under California law. These include Omnitrans , which provides transportation throughout the east and west valleys of San Bernardino County, SANBAG, which coordinates transportation projects throughout the county, and the Inland Valley Development Agency, which is responsible for redevelopment of the areas around the San Bernardino International Airport.

    San Bernardino is the county seat of San Bernardino County , the largest organized county in the contiguous United States by area, but smaller than several boroughs and census areas in Alaska. Various state courts for civil, criminal and juvenile trials operate under the auspices of the Superior Court , San Bernardino District formerly Central Division prior to the unification of the Superior and Municipal Courts in It consists of a four-story building of steel and concrete construction built in A six-story addition was added in the s. Currently, the structure is being retrofitted.

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    A new courthouse, located at West Third Street, opened in , which houses civil courts. Juvenile Court and Juvenile Hall are located in a county enclave adjacent to the city on Gilbert Street, near the site of the former County Hospital. Federal cases including Bankruptcy are also heard in Riverside courthouses. The Charter created the San Bernardino Police Department and chief of police; before , there was a position of city marshal. The current charter places the chief of police under the direction of the mayor.

    Charter Section requires that the monthly salaries of police and fire local safety members be the average of like positions at ten comparable cities in California. Over 90 percent of local police officers do not live within the city limits. Stricter enforcement caused a rise in both juvenile and adult arrests.

    San Bernardino has long battled high crime rates. According to statistics published by Morgan Quitno , San Bernardino was the 16th most dangerous US city in , [70] 18th in [71] and 24th in San Bernardino's murder rate was 29 per , in , the 13th highest murder rate in the country and the third highest in the state of California after Compton and Richmond.

    Census Bureau , San Bernardino was among the most poverty-stricken cities in the nation, second nationally behind Detroit.