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By using a background check to verify resume information and check for red flags, employers protect themselves, their customers, and their other employees—not to mention the public—from potential oversights. The FCRA has multiple guidelines on this front.

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To start, the employer must provide a disclosure form notifying the subject of the background check. This disclosure must be separate from all other application forms and materials except the background check consent form.

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The subject must sign this consent, verifying he or she received the disclosure and has given the employer permission to move forward with the background check. No employer can legally run a background check on you without following this protocol. In other words, you should never be left wondering whether a hiring manager ran a background check on you or not.

If there was no disclosure or consent, the answer is no. You will need to provide consent for background checks in all similar situations, such as when you apply for housing or for a loan or credit card. At some point in these application processes, the property manager, loan officer, or credit card company must disclose their intentions to investigate your background.

You will need to give consent for these background checks to move forward. Background checks are not exclusively for jobs, housing, loans, or credit card applications.


The How and Why of Running Your Own Background Check When Job Hunting

A significant other might conduct a background screening to see if you have a criminal history. A potential business partner might examine your past to see if you have any bankruptcies or have ever been involved in a serious civil case. In most cases, these background checks are significantly less formal than the ones involving employment or loan applications.

Please upgrade your browser to improve your experience. An employment background check is quite similar when you think about it.

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Along with fact checking your education and work history, the background check pulls up criminal records. Obviously, if you have any kind of criminal record—be it a misdemeanor when you were a senior in high school or a tax fraud charge five years ago—you may be understandably anxious. However, depending on the job description and the criminal charge, an employer could be in trouble if it automatically rejects you as a potential hire based on a certain conviction or record of arrest.

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Not always. Unfortunately yes. Honesty can mean big things for your professional advancement. Do you need consent if you want to run one of these checks? The answer is complicated. Criminal history information and most other information that background checks find is public record.

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Hiring a babysitter to watch your kids might be a less formal process than hiring someone for a full-time job at your business. The same rule of thumb applies to anyone you hire to provide a service for you and your family—from housekeepers to investment brokers to realtors. With more locales putting a spotlight on housing availability and the way that landlords operate, new rules and regulations are increasingly common. For landlords, it's a concerning change in operations.

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Background Checks in a Professional Setting The most important question to ask yourself before running a background check on anyone concerns the purpose behind the check. Background Checks in a Personal Setting Vetting prospective employees has become one of the most popular applications for background checks. You are considering starting a personal relationship with this person, but want to make you can trust the person first. In this scenario, you might run a background check on your would-be significant other to make sure they are who they say they are.