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If you are suspicious of a phone call you have received, check it out online before making any financial commitments. Callers demanding payment for taxes, utility bills or mortgage payments are often fraudulent. Call the company directly to make sure the request is valid. Also, be aware that the IRS never calls anyone on the phone; they always send letters in the mail. If you must answer in a positive way, find another word to agree. Following are just a few popular scams:. Reporting fraudulent calls may seem futile, but it does help to curb the activity. Law enforcement should be notified regarding calls designed to defraud or harm the victim.

Take the following steps to report suspicious activity. Telemarketer: A telemarketer is anyone that attempts to sell a product or service. It may not stop the calls, but it will help. Block all unwanted numbers. Debt Collector: Someone calling to collect a debt should be able to provide you with account information, amount due, contact number, and address.

Tell the caller you will return the call at your convenience. If the call is legitimate, contact the collection agency via snail mail, requesting that they stop calling you. Legally, they must obey. This should prevent telemarketers from calling and if you do continue to receive these types of calls you should report them.

You only need to sign up one time per phone number. Once you have determined that the call you received is a scam, report it to the proper authorities. Local law enforcement can warn other citizens since scammers often target specific areas. Aside from not answering calls from unknown numbers, you can block a phone number with the press of a button.

Scammers use many phone numbers but placing a block will reduce the number of calls you receive.

Avoiding identity theft is becoming more difficult every day. It might seem nearly impossible to avoid identity theft altogether, but there are some measures you can take to protect yourself from crime. Most of us have become thoroughly attached to our phones. So much so that the majority of our personal information is stored inside.

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While it is certainly convenient, it can also be a nightmare if your phone is lost or stolen. To protect yourself and your information, password protect your phone with a code, fingerprint or facial recognition software. There are a plethora of apps on the market that will help you to block calls on your iPhone and potential thieves.

Most websites offer password protection, often including several layers of security. Features may include multiple secret questions, pin numbers, or secondary verification through email or text. As identity theft grows, so do the number of companies that offer protection.

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Information can be obtained in many ways, including a breach of credit bureaus, credit card or utility companies. You may not know for months if your information has been stolen. While companies typically assist in fixing the problem, it can take years to get things back to normal. Using a card instead of cash has its benefits. It is also easy to track expenses. However, thieves are always developing new ways to steal your information and use it for gain. They often employ tools like gadgets that can swipe your info at gas pumps or as you pass by, completely unaware of what is happening.

You can also get theft prevention wallets that will block electronic scanning of your cards.

New No Talking Phone Scams to Beware Of

It might seem simple but shredding your documents is an effective way to deter theft. You might reserve the shredder for financial documents when, in fact, identity theft can occur with less sensitive items such as phone bills, magazine labels, and junk mail.


If something has your name and address on it, be safe and shred the item. If you have a large amount of material, use a commercial shredding company or burn it. At the end of every year, there are a slew of scams that will try to target you both via email and in the form of phone calls. These are the Christmas phone scams that you need to watch out for. During the winter months scammers call pretending to be from your local utility companies.

If you live somewhere cold where it starts getting dark at 4pm you know that this would be a horrible thing. Many people will start to panic about losing power and will share their credit card or bank information with the caller. Sometimes the scammers will ask that the debt be paid with wire transfer or pre-paid gift cards.

This should be an immediate red flag. With the holiday season also begin cuffing season! Everybody would like to have a special someone in their life around the holidays. However, you need to keep your wits about you. These are both red flags. The best way to avoid these types of scams is not to get ahead of yourself. Use a phone tracer app for the iPhone to identify scams and find information about new people you meet.

Today more than ever people are victimized by phone scams. Whether it be the grandparents scam, lottery scams, or the infamous IRS scam, you need to be careful every time you pick up an unknown call. The best way to protect yourself is to install one of the many caller ID apps that exist to your phone.

There are so many variations of phone scams. These are some of the most common types of phone scams :. Phone scams can have a lot of variations, but they all have a few things in common. Watch out for these things when answering a call:. Nothing is more annoying than telemarketers calling at all hours. A lot of these calls are often not even live humans, but recordings. You can have both your cell phone number and landline number if you still have one in the registry. Some calls like survey, political, and fundraising are still allowed even if your number is in the registry. If you answer a call and a recording starts to play, just hang up. This is often a ploy to get people to show that the number is active. Scammers will then take the active phone numbers and continue to call them.

Many apps have real time spam info on phone numbers and some even have automatic spam call blocking protection that you can enable.

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You exchange phone numbers and part ways. The next day you get a text from them asking how the rest of your night was. What do you do? How are you going to find out who this person is? Running a reverse phone lookup is an easy way to put a name to a phone number. You can also use a caller ID app to find out where a call is coming from and whether or not you should trust the phone number. Using online resources you can find out who owns a number. Many times people will put their cell phone numbers with their social media profiles.

Use a search engine, such as Google , to look up reverse phone search sites. You can start by entering the phone number you want information on go through the search results, you will get several results of websites that provide reverse phone search with address and name.

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To obtain the name and full address of the owner of the mobile phone number, you may be required to make a payment. Once you have made a payment, and have provided your contact info, the detailed information will be mailed to you. Skip to content. How It Works Catfishers use social media sites to trick others. The Catfishing Story Scammers use the same stories over and over. Moving Too Fast Scammers want money…fast. The Scam Once a catfisher has gained your trust, he will ask you for something. If you find yourself in a similar situation, proceed with care and trust your intuition.