Vin numbers decoding 1962 plymouth

Engine size I know very little about what Manual transmission will change out from one car to the next. Also where would I find everything else I would need. Casting on block is Intake isV. The VIN is It must be a but is there any thing special about it thanks. I have two engines and am wondering if you could tell me which one would be the better one to rebuild. I need an honest answer to whether or not it is worth while doing up a Mirada? I have a line on one in fair shape but really was looking for a Charger or Road Runner. If anyone could help i would thank you very much.

I have a plymouth fury lll, What do the numbers on the front of the block just under the head mean???? I just came into possession of a with the casting Wondering if it is worthy of a rebuild to install in a 73 Satellite Sebring. Also have a and a , the latter of which is going to be built as a stroker for a 73 Road Runner. Would one casting be better than the other. Hello, can anyone tell me where to find rear HD sway bars that fit a Fury C-body?

Thanks Michael. I am trying to find out the size of my cars engine.

How to Decode a Chrysler VIN Number | It Still Runs

It is a Dodge Coronet The casting number is V. Thank you. I just purchased a Dodge Dart that I plan on restoring. I bought it with no motor or transmission. I pulled a motor out of an old Dodge plow truck I own with low miles on it. The casting on the block is the number stamped under the drivers side head is 2m What year is this engine? According to your chart this is a race engine , is this true?

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This information will be helpful for ordering parts- Thankyou Mike Smith. I have a casting number , I can not find what CID it is…could you please help? Hello, I have the chance to buy a block. Is this a magnum engine or not? When did they switch to the magnum for the ? I purchased a Challenger Rallye and was wondering if the numnbers stamped on the passneger side of the motor always matched the Vin. Also, what do the numbers stamped below hte head on the drivers side mean.

Is there a way to decode them. My read GM P Hi don, I do know after your casting number it says and 13 is the nickeling content of the block. Ive been told 14 is the highest. I have a thats a out of a dump truck, my nickeling is Hope that helps! Hi, I have read this page. I have a motor that was said to be from a plymouth, the casting number is The casting date is 7. Any help with ID of this motor greatly appreciated. And, where can you look up these numbers? I recently bought a new crated engine that has a casting Can anyone tell me exactly what this engine was built for?

I have a motor, the pad under the distributer says: D 88 R I understand this means ist a intended for Regular fuel.

Chrysler smallblock engine ID *by the numbers*

Any help would be appriciated. Thanks Jesse Maxeyjr verizon. My engine have casting number in front, passenger side. What would that casting telling? Side of the block have not any codes. Only in both ends of block have A2 stamp. I have a block with casting number and other set of numbers NE — is this a hemi motor? My huband passed away a few years ago and this was in the garage.


The casting is Sequential numbers start at the first car down that assembly line at the beginning of that model year. Some A-bodies in the early and mid '60s started at The first thing to look at for a "numbers matching" car is to be sure the VIN on the fender tag matches the VIN on the dashboard. This is for and later cars. You can decode a VIN in the search box at the top of this page.

Small Block

For example, Hemi Orange was first offered in and it will be listed as V2 on the fender tag of a car. The same color on a car will be listed as EV2 to denote that it is a E color. A2 means vinyl bench seats, which will be listed in a Factory Parts Book under Dart.

1924 through 1974 Mopar Number Decode

GB5 is the color of the upper door frame above the door panels. Cars that don't have upper door frame paint, e. It was simply released for production on that day. It may actually have been assembled some time later. This is an internal control number, the meaning of which has largely been lost to time.

However, if a car was a special order of some type, the VON may reflect that fact. One day I'll compile a list of apparent VON descriptions. On vinyl-top cars, you will see the vinyl top color here. U means the car is built to USA specs. On '71 and later cars, this space will have one of three possible codes: U, USA specs. B This is where the optional equipment codes start. B41 is power front disc brakes. M85 is for bumper guards. R11 is an AM radio. I have been compiling lists of option codes and their meanings for each model year.

For the purpose of this article I have chosen the years to which is when. Matching Numbers defined. Title and front serial number match.

This page will help decode equipment and options listed on your build sheet or fender tag. Just by looking at other Some of you may have trouble finding your VIN vehicle identification number. Every Chrysler car has a unique identifier code called a VIN. This is the Chrysler VIN decoder. Dedicated to the Plymouth Roadrunner.

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  4. Body Stamping Location on a Roadrunner. Decoding fender tag, strange codes General Discussion. Automated Chrysler VIN. Find out why Close. This number contains vital information about the car, such as its manufacturer, year of production, the plant it was produced in, type of engine, model and more.

    Where is the VIN?

    Check out the link HERE and decode the fender tag and it will tell you the. Here is a quick clip of the motor. The schedule build date of the vehicle was Nov 12, In, the reached its highest state of tune with the fabled 6- bbl version rated. D - Belvedere, Illinois.

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    The following is a description of fender tag characteristics grouped by their similarities. TypicalLynch Road fender tag. However there was a separate series of numbers for each manufacturing plant and engineering code for the car. The end of the VIN, or 2 characters before the six- digit sequential build number.

    Serial Number: Registration Number. Here' s where to look. Once translated to serial numbers, one must still know what runs belonged to each car. System decoding facility Chrysler Corporation Engine Specifications to engines through Chrysler Corporation. For the most part, muscle cars have lead rough lives.

    You will notice that there is no V.